Intro to Quantum Computers

Computers run on 0s and 1s.  Bits and Bytes.  On or Off.  Binary logic.

If you can understand an IF STATEMENT:

IF this logic is true THEN do this

Else IF this logic is true THEN do that
ELSE do something else

That right there is the gist of programming.  Sure there's a few other details to learn but that's the bread and butter.

What if you modified the logic a bit.

IF this logic is TRUE and the same logic is FALSE then do something

Huh?  You can't do that.  Something can only be this or that.  Can't be both.

Well, using this new concept where something can be 0, 1 or both, is called Qubits.

Well.  That's the new logic underlying the new type of computer called the Quantum Computer.   Which borrowed the concept from Physics Quantum Mechanics.

Quote from Wikipedia: "Large-scale quantum computers will be able to solve certain problems much more quickly than any classical computers that use even the best currently known algorithms"
It's the next step in the revolutionary evolutionary framework of computer hardware.  Using Atoms.

And who's the leader in this technology: D-Wave.

And here's the timeline of the events leading up: Timeline of Quantum Computers.

And an article on How do Quantum Computers Work?

I see this technology assisting to advance the progress of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks.

Here's a YouTube video:

 We are living in interesting times....