[Video Blog] Neural Network Artificial Intelligence Microsoft AzureML Sample Experiment

In this video, we discuss Neural Network Artificial Microsoft Azure ML.  After logging on to the Microsoft AzureML platform in the Cloud, we review a sample experiment that deals with Neural Networks.  We see an example of a new language specifically for Neural Networks called net# and view some R code as well as the accuracy results of the experiment.

Here's a few reference links:

Neural Nets in Azure ML – Introduction to Net#

Multiclass Neural Network 

Train Model

Score Model

Evaluate Model

Sweep Parameters

Guide to Net# neural network specification language for Azure Machine Learning

TSV File Format


My blog post on Neural Network Artificial Intelligence Microsoft AzureML Reference

Although I've been following Artificial Intelligence for a few years now, I'm still learning a lot.  Especially on the new Microsoft AzureM platform.

This video is intended to be an introduction level tutorial.

Thanks for reading~!