Microsoft Azure Machine Learning ML and Excel ML Add-In Demo

Here's a new video explaining the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning ML technology.  First, I explain the types of algorithms hosted by Azure ML.  Then we log on to Azure, and review a sample Experiment in moderate detail.  And finally, I explain the Excel ML Add-In and how to install.

Here's a few links to get started:

Microsoft Machine Learning Gallery 

Choosing an Azure Machine Learning Algorithm


Machine learning algorithm cheat sheet for Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio

Azure Machine Learning Excel Add-In

After you download the file, extract to your computer.  Open cmd from the Start --> Run, run as Administrator, then find the following directory, for 32-bit Office / Excel:

Then enter the following command, changing the directory path of your downloaded files (change the bold string below to match your file path):

RegAsm.exe /codebase C:\Users\jbloom\Desktop\BloomConsulting\MLAddin\Release\AzureMLPrediction.dll /tlb:C:\Users\jbloom\Desktop\BloomConsulting\MLAddin\Release\\AzureMLPrediction.tlb