Is a Living Wage Really the Solution to Automation and Job Loss?

Automation.  Job loss.  Starting to make its way into the mainstream.

How will everyone survive?  Oh, just give them subsidy payments, in the form of credits, another name for welfare.  How's that going to work?  Who's going to come up with the money to pay millions of people to sit home and watch Jerry Springer and the Price is Right?  What kind of lives would these people lead.  No potential for employment, ever, for the rest of their lives.  Giant sacks of potatoes.  Probably start drinking every day, or do drugs, or loan their bodies out for payment.

I don't think that's going to work very well.  And how is the economy going to maintain it's constant growth, if nobody has disposable income to blow of frivolous items that don't last, imported from other countries.

Lots of unemployment.  A society based on the welfare system.  Consumer spending plummets.  Corporate profits tank, fueling more layoffs, higher prices and lesser quality.

And what about the social unrest.  Do you think people will be content with this existence?  Lack of purpose?  Swimming in poverty?  With no upward mobility?

This plan makes a lot of sense.  There's not enough money to fund it.  It will cripple the economy.  And create a society of unemployed couch potatoes.

Perhaps we need to revisit this one a bit more.