Effects of Artificial Intelligence

Here's a good article on Artificial Intelligence from distinguished Microsoft researchers.


When we were children, we had a fort in the back yard.  The kids would get together and hang out.  It was our little world tucked away from the bigger world.  In our world we could do what we liked.  A refuge for children to explore and grow.

As you get into the real world, you abide by the rules in school do what you're told.  The teachers and principle were the law, if they sent reports back to the home base, parents took action.  So although you were away from home for a good chunk of the day, somebody was still watching and monitoring your behavior.

Then we enter the workforce, the company and boss are there to make sure you performing up to expectations.  They don't call your parent, they let you go work somewhere else.

So you can see the progression of they system,  There's always someone watching you to ensure you maintain your behavior to align with acceptable norms.  If you don't comply, the school calls your parents, your employer fires you.

So the next possible iteration of the system is artificial intelligence.  An automated series of sensors that monitor every person on the planet 24 x 7.  It will scan your location, your actions, look for patterns and detect deviations.  

In addition to monitoring and surveillance, it can automate the enforcement of deviant behavior.  Once money becomes digital, they can simply freeze your account, your credit cards.  No need for electronic bracelets around your ankle, you have a cell phone.  

In addition, they can automate the police force, by militarizing robots to enforce rules, fight wars and monitor the citizens.  And lastly, these friendly robots could be doing your old job, while the majority sits home watching Jerry Springer and the Price is Right.  With no job, our disposable income won't be there, so fewer purchases, not sure how the capitalistic system of continuous growth can survive.  So what happens to the masses of unemployed people?

People suggest the Universal Wage, a social welfare to pay for basic needs.  Perhaps, although a system based on legacy workers in  a welfare system monitored continuously, reminds me of a modern day prison.

So there you go, a short story about the impact of artificial intelligence and potential effects.  If you ask me, I would like to  build a fort in the backyard, invite all the neighbors over, and talk about nothing, just like we did as children.