New Career Model for Today's Youth

You learn in school, to get good grades.

You get good grades to get into a good college.

You graduate college to get a good job.

You get a good job to get married, house and raise a family.

You expect to work for the same company your entire career.

And then retire, with a pension.

That was the old model.

Here's the new model.

Be accountable for your career.

Learn as much as you can, for the rest of your career.

Skip college, why delay 4 years of your life and rack up student loan debt.

Carry no debt, one credit card for everyday purchases.

Be mobile, rent , don't own.

Build your network, attend user group meetings and seek out industry experts on social media.

Consider doing "free"work, to gain experience.

Start a blog, write about the industry that interest you.

Be well rounded, yet focus on specific skills.

Learn how to sell things, ideas and yourself.

Learn how to communicate, Take a class on "improv", "public speaking" or writing short stories.

Learn business skills, like accounting, how to create proposals, contracts and statements of work.

Find an accountant, attorney and financial planner, early in your career.

Plan on changing jobs every few years, gaining skills along the way.

Don't celebrate too long on success, a career is a marathon, not sprint.

You are competing with people across the globe, who will work for less money.

Be able to multi-task, work many project simultaneously.

Do not place a glass ceiling on your potential, find a way to open closed doors.

Realize there are occasional setbacks in any career, keep moving forward.

Identify the biggest problem of an organization, and solve it.

Don't follow the herd, the security they seek doesn't exist.

You are an independent consultant, even if you have a full time job.

Any employee is replaceable, what have you done today to add value.

Associate with people who inspire, not limit your potential.

Make time for fun, the work will be there when you get back.

Most of your peers will not be able to fund their retirement, take your allotted vacations while you're still young.

Take time to smell the roses, the years fly by much faster than you'd expect.

Seek others advice, but make your own career decisions.

Our economy is based on bubbles, recognize and adapt.

Having opinions are great, better to stay neutral on politics, religion and money debates.

Counter offers are not recommended, except to boost egos temporarily.

Bottom line, nobody is going to look out for you, that's your #1 job.