Interviewed for a Job in T-Shirt and Shorts

Before Monster.com, before social media sites, finding a job was not always that easy.

I had been working for a major retail company, processing credit card applications over the  phone.  It paid $7.50 an hour.  After two years I rolled perm at $7.80 an hour.

One day I scanned the newspaper, the want ads, saw a posting for credit analyst close to the current job.  I decided to drop off a resume, and then head to play tennis.

So I got to their office, headed to the 4th floor, met the receptionist. I said, "I'd like to apply for the Credit Analyst position.  Here's a copy  of my resume".

She looked at me for a minute, I was in a t-shirt, shorts and sneakers.  She said, "wait here one minute, I'll go give this to the director".

A few minutes later, she returned, said, "The director would like to speak with you now, do you have some time available?".

And she escorted me through the door, down the hall, there was a line of people in cubes, working on the computers.  I got to his office, shook his hand and he asked questions.

About where I worked, my skills, my college degree, available start date.

I explained that I wasn't planning on doing an interview, but what the heck, shorts and all.

A few days later, I got a call they wanted to hire me.  With a raise.  $19,000, full time, with benefits.

And so I  resigned from my job and started work at the new company.

Later I found out that one of the reasons I got hired was because they needed a 4th tennis player for their after work game.  And I filled in, and we played in downtown Buckhead in Atlanta, at a giant a mansion, which had a tennis court in the backyard,  Really expensive house.

After I got hired,I thanked the Directory so much, he said, "Okay already, I'll bump your salary to $21,000."

Wow, so much money.  Great company.  Learning the Credit industry.

And that's the story.