Expired SQL Server Evaluation Edition Upgrade Version Fix

One of our clients has SQL Server 2008R2 64 bit version running in development.

It recently expired after the evaluation time elapsed.  We had a valid licensed copy to upgrade too, yet after performing the upgrade, the message still appeared.

After doing an exhaustive search, I found this article:


Open RegEdit, modified the entry from 1 to 3, closed RegEdit:

Set the Dev Server System Clock to Jan 1, 2013, prior to the expiration date.

Started the Setup.exe for SQL Server Install --> Maintenance --Edition Upgrade:

Next, next... and it's running...

Ran for a while, then completed, all green Success:

Set the clock back to current date:

Went to Services, to start the service, SQL Server and SQL Server Agent:

Opened SQL Server:

And we're in:

And all the previous databases exist in tact, upgraded to the new version, ready for development.

That blog post listed above really saved the day, thanks much!