Accumulation and Interpretation of Data will Transform Every Sector of Society

Being content seems like the kiss of death.

Got a job approving retail credit cards, yet, wanted to approve small loans.

Got a job approving small loans, yet, wanted to approve mortgage loans.
Got a job approving mortgage loans, yet, wanted to get into reporting.
Got a job in reporting, yet, wanted to get into programming.
Got a job in programming, yet, wanted to get into object oriented language Java.
Got a job in object oriented Java, yet, wanted to get into Microsoft Business Intelligence.
Got a job in Microsoft Business Intelligence, yet, wanted to work with Cubes.
Got a job in Cubes, yet wanted to get into Consulting.
Got a job in Consulting, things have leveled off.

Where do we go from here?  Some interests are:

  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Internet of Things
 Perhaps I will continue to research & blog about these topics independently.

In each topic, data resides at the granular level, in large scale, gets cleansed and processed to derive insight.  Artificial Intelligence is actually comprised of Machine Learning, deeper, with Neural Networks.  Which could be performed by a Data Scientist.  So they are in fact intertwined.  Internet of Things is decentralized sensors embedded in everyday products, producing centralized data, for real time tracking and I wouldn't lump that into the first category.  Artificial Intelligence could also include Robotics, but not necessarily.  I'm not really into 3-d printing at the moment.  Or extending our lives past traditional ages.  And then there's augmented body parts, which seems like a natural progression, which is fun to keep track of, but not as a career path.

We're going to get to a point where the machine can do the heavy lifting for the data crunching.  Deeper, faster, more precise, provide more choices, reveal more unknowns, weigh probable outcomes, see further.  It could be a tool for humans to improve in a variety of sectors: financial, healthcare, banking, education, just about every occupation can and will be transformed.

All through the accumulation and interpretation of data.  That seems like the place to be.