3 Stages of Any Life Cycle

My first mentor gave some good advice.  

He said in any cycle:

A. You can catch it as an early adopter

B. Or wait a bit and catch the wave in the middle, along with all the others

C. or wait till after the wave peaks.

For example, take movies.  

A. You can watch the latest at the threatre the day it opens.

B. Or you can catch it on streaming video sites.

C. Or you can wait until DVD release.

Technology also follows the wave pattern.

A. Early adopters include smart watches, virtual reality, Internet of Things, Data Science, 3-d printing.

B. Established technology like Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, .net, mobile, cloud, databases, web programming.

C. And legacy tech like COBOL, classic Visual Basic, classic ASP, MS Access, Mainframe.

You can earn a descent living in each of the three categories.  Stage 1 keeps you on your toes.  Stage 2 is for career programmers.  And stage 3 is for people perhaps on the tail end of their careers.

I tend to live in the world of Stage 2, although I dabble in Stage 1 a lot.  And occasionally dip into Stage 3 when required.

And there you have it.  The 3 stages of any life cycle.