Will robots make people obsolete? (1959) Parade Magazine Article by Sid Ross

Speaking of Robots, I happened to see a good article posted on Twitter last week.

Will robots make people obsolete? (1959)


Interesting article in that it was written in 1959.  So after reading, I noticed it was written for Parade Magazine.

Interesting that my Grandmother's Sister's Husband wrote for Parade Magazine during that time.  But his name was (Uncle) Sidney Rosenblatt.  The author of this article is Sid Ross.  Similar, but different.

So then I did a quick search on the internet, and found this article:


Ben Ross, who's real name was Ben Rosenblatt and his brother Sidney, worked for Parade Magazine.  Apparently they used the pen name of "Ross" because Jews weren't looked highly upon during that time.

So Sid Ross is actually (Uncle) Sidney Rosenblatt.  What a coincidence.

I grew up with family get together's and remember Uncle Sydney and Aunt Minna.  Very nice people and always had great stories.  In fact, when I was very young,  he would send me and my brother letters, and instead of writing with a pen or pencil, he cut out letters from magazines and newspapers to form the words of the entire letter.  Must have taken a long time to do.

His wife, Aunt Minna, owned a Tiffany Lamp store on 5th Avenue in Manhatten, NY.  Our family went there a few times and I remember distinctly being told not to touch any of the lamps, as some of them cost more than I'd earn in my lifetime.

Uncle Sidney went back to school later in life, got his degree in his 80's I think.  And he was always traveling to other countries to transport the lamps to customers, and he would stop at the smaller cities to look for books on the Jewish Holocaust.

And in this article, he donated a lot of money and books to form a Holocaust library at Fordham University:


What a coincidence!  Thought I'd write about it~!