Pros and Cons of Technical Consultants

Consulting has many benefits and challenges.

There's flexibility.  Variety.  Constant challenges.  Problems to be solved.  Deliver results.  New people.  New places.  New technologies.


Expectations that you know everything.  Tight deadlines.  Time management.  Multiple concurrent clients.  Pressure.  Estimating Projects.

Typically, the role of a technology consultant is to deliver results.  On time.  Under budget.

What if the estimated hours were too low?  Work harder.  Smarter.  All night.  Whatever it takes.

What if you're expected to work in a technology you aren't an expert.  Figure it out.  Fast.

What about the hours you have to travel to the client, there's drive time or flying time?  It's just part of the job.

What about learning new technologies to maintain expert level?  You have to carve out time, stay up late.

What about family time?  You have to become efficient in time management.

What about eating healthy and staying in shape and reading non technical book or laundry or catching up on sleep?  Again, time management.

What about speaking or attending technical community events, or writing blogs or authoring a book or two?  Again, time management.

What about spending time with co-workers at your consulting firm?  Again, time management.  

What about filling out expense reports and keeping track of hours worked per task in time management system?  Again, time management.

What about laptop maintenance, installing new software and service packs and hot fixes?  Again, time management.

What about time to study for Certification exams?  Make time.

Consulting is a fast paced world.  You have to pace yourself.  And drink plenty of coffee.