Follow Through on the Underlying Purpose of Analytics

The problem with Analytics is the end result.

We pay people to crunch data, clean data, present data, into nice Dashboards and Charts and Graphs with drill down capability and exportable options as well as mobile.

And we look at the result.  Could you make this line green instead of blue.

People forget the actual problem we are trying to solve.

How do we transform data into information to put to practical use, to improve process, streamline, increase sales or reduce costs.

I see these intricate graphs on the web, indicating that a lot of work went into it, and think to myself, so what.  There's more blue than green.  Not much I can do with this.  Send this moment to the recycle bin and move on.

It all comes down to follow through.  Based on this information, you need to do something with it.  Which requires thought and interpretation and action.  Perhaps the missing link.