Paying for Data Protection

Data breaches are everywhere.

Here's a list of some recent ones.

The only one I was personally affected by was the Target breach.  My credit card company suggested I close the card and open a new one.  I waited.  Then a $2,300 purchase was attempted, and declined, for a bunch of pens ordered online.  They closed the credit card and re-issued new ones.  And all the auto payments tied to the old account had to be changed.

I did some research and found a good site from Equifax.  They are one of the three credit bureaus that keep track of people's credit.  They have a list of products to choose from, listed here.

For me, parting with money is almost painful.  But I signed up for the family plan, month to month, no contract.  They're supposed to inform the other two credit bureaus to watch for activity.  We'll see what happens.

Also, there's a web site to let you know if your information has been pawned, here's the article.  And here's the URL https://haveibeenpwned.com/ where you can check your emails as well as sign up to be notified if something happens.

Fraud has been around since the beginning of money, with fool's gold.  In today's world, the level of complexity surrounding theft of finances and identity is increasing and we have to take preventive measures against becoming a victim.

Even if that means paying a monthly fee for protection.  Mafia style.