Windows Phone App Hosted in Microsoft Azure Preview

I've been working with Visual Studio Apache Cordova project to write code for Mobile devices, and deploy to any device: http://www.bloomconsultingbi.com/2015/05/first-try-with-visual-studio-tools-for.html

So yesterday, I spent some time investigating the Azure Mobile Service, only to find out that it doesn't actually host the Mobile applications.

So today, I saw on our internal Yammer site, a new feature for hosting Mobile Apps in Azure:

In order to try it, you have to sign up for the Preview Feature:

So I did.

Signed up:

Went to the link: https://tryappservice.azure.com/

Selected Mobile App:


Log in:

Choose language / device:

Says the App was created, with 57 minutes remaining before is goes away:

I selected to view the app with Visual Studio Online, "Monaco" looks new:

Let's run it...

Here's the Mobile Services Documentation: http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/services/mobile-services/

Click this link:

So, the next step was to send myself a link to the URL, so that I'd be able to click the link in my Verizon Nokia Windows Phone.  The email showed up in the inbox, clicked, and the blue image above opened in the browser.

So we were able to create a Mobile Application, in Microsoft Azure, modify the code (I kept the application vanilla, no code modification), and viewed the Mobile URL on the Windows Phone.

Looking at the source code for the project in Visual Studio, it appears to be a basic c# web application with all the files and folder structures you'd expect from a Visual  Studio project.  It looks like an MVC application in C# with JavaScript:

As you can  see, the clocks ticking, with a reminder in Visual Studio online:

And there you have it~!

Thanks for reading~!