Intro to Power BI Dashboard Designer Preview Connect Google Analytics

Today I downloaded the PowerBI Dashboard Designer Preview from the site: http://www.powerbi.com

I wanted to connect to Google Analytics, create a quick dashboard, upload to PowerBI site, and perform some Natural Query Language insights.

Here's the steps:

And there you have it.  Downloaded the PowerBI Dashboard Designer Preview, connected to Google Analytics, added some fields and a measure, created a graph, uploaded to the PowerBI site, and performed a Natural Language Query.

Just a proof of concept to get the feet wet.  I believe that Microsoft's vision of the future entails PowerBI and I think that the traditional mechanisms for performing Business Intelligence will continue, as in SSRS, SSIS and Multidimensional SSAS, but I think PowerBI offers tremendous ease of use, quickness to get a working product and ability to share the reports and provide Self Service BI to the masses in their vision for Cloud first.

I don't think you can go wrong by learning PowerBI as I see it as the future for Microsoft BI.

Thanks for reading~!