Git Hub Client Side for Windows

My brother David, sent me a posting on how to secure a GitHub account with a certificate.

Looking at the webpage, there's some verbiage indicating that Windows does not require certificates:

However, it would be nice to have GitHub for windows installed.

So first step is to download the GitHub for Windows: https://windows.github.com/

It says you can clone an existing repository, so logged on to the GigHub site:

It's asking to connect to an application, so select the OK button:

It recognizes the JavaScript directory from the website:

In Settings, there's an option to view "open in git shell":

So next, opened Visual Studio 2013, Connect to Repository, and sure enough, the GitHub account was already connected:

Clicked on JavaScript:

What's interesting is I received an email from GitHug, indicating a new SSL key was created:


And back in the GitHub website, under SSH Keys, an entry was automatically added:

The original intent of this blog post was to document the manual creation of a certificate for connecting to Git Hub.  After beginning, it appeared the steps were not as manual for Windows and the steps were provided on how to get up an running on Git Hub Client side for Windows.

Thanks for reading~!