Microsoft Innovation Full Court Press

With all the news lately, tough to keep up.

Microsoft announced Windows 10, available for free for Raspberry PI community for IoT

As well as free upgrades from Windows 8.1, and then version 7.

Which includes a brand new web browser called Spartan.

And there's a new version of PowerBI features such as Mobile Device support including IPad and soon to be Android and IPhone.  There's a new Desktop Developer tool, new connectors to data sources as well as a free PowerBI Preview version and a sliced price version.  And Data Connectors to access you OLAP Cubes residing On-premise.

Microsoft takes .net Open Source on GitHub.  And now portions of the framework called the "Core" now run on Cross Platform like Linux and Macintosh, at this point just web asp.net and services, no client server apps.

And how about Machine Learning on Azure.  If you haven't had a chance to explore this domain, you're missing out.  Many many algorithms available at your fingertips to drag and drop seamlessly onto a canvas to process data and find insights.

And Azure DocumentDB, a NoSQL database available in the Cloud.

And Azure SQL Server, starting to feel like Pure SQL Server:

And Azure Data Factory, a way to monitor your data pipelines.

And of course Azure HDInsight, process Semi-Unstructured data in the Cloud, spin up a cluster, only get billed for up time, not storage:

And Microsoft Translator, a product used internally at Microsoft to be released to the public.

And is Microsoft Bing catching up to Google in the web search arena.

 And Microsoft Analytics Platform System, a massive parallel data warehouse solution combined with Hadoop.

All I can say, based on this list, is Microsoft is "red lining" the innovation curve.  There's enough technologies listed here to keep you busy for many late night tinkering.  So get busy learning as technology advances stop for noone.