My Personal Computers Over Time

What was the first interactive computer game I played?  Pong:

My next interactive electronic game?  Atari:

Our friend down the street had Intelivision which connected somehow to the main server:

What was the first personal computer I worked on?  An IBM PC original:

In the 8th or 9th grade, not sure which, we used the TRS-80:

In college, I used the VAX:

My first laptop, IBM (suitcase sized, orange screen):

My first computer on my own, an IBM PS2 (connected to AOL):

My next computer, HP:

Then a Dell:

And finally a Dell Laptop 17 in monitor:

 And a Samsung Tablet:

Then an IPhone 4:

And finally a Windows Phone:

And there you have it, my personal computer choices over a lifetime.

A blast from the past.