Windows 8.1 Upgrade Bad_Pool_Header IRQL_Not_Less_or_Equal Solution

My laptop had Windows 8.0.  Took some time getting used to new functionality.

The other day, it prompted to install updates, so it ran through it's process' took about an hour.

The new version 8.1 appeared, with new Start Menu, fancy~!

Next day, performs new update, except this time it had issues.  I attempted a roll back, no luck.  I then went through a series of steps to fix the problem, receiving various error messages, including:

So I was instructed to do the following:

"Boot your computer in safe mode then uninstall all network adapters including wireless and reboot."

Guess what, it worked~!

Hats off to Jose Chinchilla for the excellent advice~!

If you are using a Leveno Thinkpad laptop, here's a link to the Drivers for 8.1