Who Names This Stuff?

Who comes up with these names?

Big Data:  Perhaps it was meant to infer large amounts of data.  But it can also mean non structured or fast data or long data or unstructured or semi structured data.

NoSQL:  Was this meant that no SQL was involved?  Or Not only SQL?  or Know SQL?

c#:  Where is the sharp derived from, oh yeah, music.  As in Sharp or Flat notes.  Except there's no other language or name similar in IT.  Oh yeah F#.

.net or Dot Net: this one is confusing as it was probably intended to stand for a shortened "inter" net.  Except you can write client server apps, Windows Services, components, you name it.  And why the two different spellings, I've seen both in the real world.  And is it .net or .NET capital letters?  Not sure.

Lets' net get into the naming conventions associated with the Hadoop ecosystem.

Suffice to say, going forward, let's think through these names we assign as more often and not, they're a bit vague and no set standard.

Just saying~!