#MCSA Exam 70-463 In the Record Books

I've never been a big fan of certification.  However on my new job they encourage us to get certified. 
So I've been studying to receive the: MCSA: SQL Server Solutions Associate  It's a 3 step process:

I passed the first exam "Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 70-461"  earlier this year.  

Next, I skipped to the "Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQl Server 2012 70-463".

So for the Data Warehouse exam, I didn't pass the first time.  However, they offer a free 2nd Shot (Save 20% on any DBA MCSA exam + a free Second Shot) at passing.  So I've been studying in between my day job, learning Hadoop and life.  

So this morning I finally passed the exam.  I completed the test in 20 minutes even though they give you 120 minutes.  The first time I ran out of time because I had to keep re-reading the questions over and over.  These tests are designed to test how well you prepared for the exam, not necessarily your day to day programming skills.

 So what's next, well the DBA exam.  I'll begin studying for that next. 

The "Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Database 70-462" may be my weak spot.

These exams give you something to shoot for and at the end of the process you get a certification from Microsoft, which will benefit your career and help your employer earn Microsoft Partner Status.

 I highly recommend it~!