#Microsoft Access 2013 Import to SQL Server 2012

Have you ever wanted to import a Microsoft Access database into Microsoft SQL Server?

Well, Microsoft offers a new utility to do just that.

Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant, which you can download here:


Let's walk through the steps:

As you can see the tables were brought in as well as the Queries converted to Views.  This should help get you started and on your way.

I've worked with Access for many years and although it has some limitations, it's a great tool used by many many organizations.  And chances are if you work as a Data consultant you'll have a need to import into SQL Server.

Good news, they also offer other utilities for other databases:


After using the Utility for a bit, I discovered it does not handle Insert, Update or Delete statement conversions:

Analyzing metadata...
Converting query Database.[Customers Query] ...
 Errors: A2SS0041: Append query cannot be converted because it is not supported.
Conversion finished with 1 errors, 0 warnings, and 0 informational messages.

Oh well, it's still a useful tool.

Thanks for reading and happy coding!