Great Data Warehouse Clients

Building a data warehouse takes a lot of effort.

However, it's always nice when you land a client who is eager to assist.

They willingly tell you the information you need to do your job, like:
  • Where the source databases reside
  • the queries used to pull the data
  • the tables in which the data resides
  • the server IP address
  • the database names
  • user id's
  • the business rules
  • the history of their applications
  • why things were done a certain way
  • the gotchas
  • the exceptions
  • they help you get the infrastructure in place for
    • staging
    • edw
    • domain server
    • SharePoint server
  • Supply Active Directory accounts for development
  • Service Accounts
  • VPN info to connect from home to allow for after hours coding
  • they introduce you to the business
  • assist in gathering specs
  • they help formulate a project plan with priories and action items
  • they buy into your effort
  • responsive to your questions
  • they're enthusiastic and encouraging
  • make your stay very welcome
Very refreshing~!