Death of On Premise Solutions?

IT has typically hosted their own software packages On Premise.

Back in the day, the Mainframe stored the data, the applications, business rules and code which ran their entire businesses. Then we had the Client Server revolutions connecting to Relational Databases.  Then distributed client server solutions.  Then the web grew up and people hosted their websites on the web.  And then the Cloud appeared.  And matured.  Because people are starting to feel secure about hosting their data in the Cloud.  And we now have the ability to run our entire business there.  From hosting websites, to hosting databases, to Big Data, accessible globally.

It has compliance, scalability, security, elasticity, disaster recovery, a plethora of options for technology packages from running Virtual Machines in the cloud to Hybrid solutions connecting to On Premise solutions.

With that said, will there continue to be a need to host any technology On premise?  Why purchase hardware?  Why pay for backups?  And people to administer?  Let the power of Cloud technology simplify your life.  Leverage cutting edge technology in real time, hosted by reliable vendors at cost effective prices.

Some software vendors have taken the approach of "Cloud First".  Business' will be moving everything to Cloud, to create a mobile workforce.  There will be a time in the future where CIOs begin to realize that purchasing an internal IT infrastructure is not cost effective.

I think the writing's on the wall.  There's a shift occurring today, an explosion, and people are waking up to the power of the Cloud.

Hop aboard or get left behind~!