#Cloud #Mobile and #Data are the Future

If you aren't changing your focus to  Cloud, Mobile and Data Ecosystem, you're heading in the wrong direction.

Cloud First is the new mantra.  Easier deployment model.  More challenging pricing model.  However, software vendors can speed up release cycles, get software out faster, modify code faster, get a wider audience and cross sell products.  I read recently and spoke with some employees at the SQL Pass in  Charlotte, NC last year, that indicated the Cloud First model going forward.  The employee indicated the difficulties in pricing as you have business users, consumers, non profit, educational, and more times than not, they overlap, how do you distinguish appropriate pricing.  Justly so.

Mobile is hot, so much that desktop PC could soon become dinosaur.  Microsoft just picked up a new business unit, Nokia, which I happened to purchase a new mobile phone days prior, with the Windows 8 operation system, I love it, better battery life, bigger screen, integrates tightly with all my Microsoft Online email accounts, Office 365, Power BI, you  name it.  Mobile is the future, if you develop code, think mobile connected to the Cloud and you can't go wrong, and will find sufficient employment going forward.

Data Ecosystem is hot, why, every department of every company can or should be focused on the data they capture every minute of every day.  To find insights.  To reduce costs.  And increase sales.  And manage the business.  And adjust business processes.  Data will fuel the economic model going forward.  That's a reality.

So to summarize, if you develop applications that reside in the cloud or even hybrid on premise, which get deployed to Mobile apps, and then process and consume that data, you're golden.

Make it so~!