Web Development

I've been working on web applications since 1999.

Started in Microsoft ASP connected to Oracle databases.

Used Javascript back then to move entries between two list boxes on the client side stored in XML and then did a bulk process back on the server side after parsing the XML.

Some of the ASP apps were connected to SQL-Server as well as Crystal Reports using Visual Basic DLLs in COM+.

I worked at one job where they were using the Crystal Reports developer edition on the Web Server.

Same place, I soon got into ASP.net where I wrote an app to transfer a batch up to the bank using ACH checks we captured on the accounting side.

The first iteration of the app used public and private keys and somehow our company got on the fraud list because I was testing in production against their live credit card system, yikes!

I soon switched over to Java J2EE and maintained the Public Records website for the County which connected to the mainframe as it's main data source using Copy Books and later converted to Web Services.

Also maintained the Traffic Citation website where citizens could pay their traffic fines online.

I also maintained the Utilities Credit Card payment system as well.

So these apps were 24/7 and involved credit card so they were high profile and mission critical.

Now I'm back on the Microsoft side and so many changes have occurred in the past years.

There's MVC, there's jQuery which is basically advanced JavaScript, there's LINQ which replaced ADO.net. and OData for web services.  I have worked with AJAX a bit in a PHP app I worked on at the School Board.

So now I have to put it all together in Visual Studio 2010 c#, learn everything all over again on the fly, and throw it in the Cloud on Microsoft Azure.

Good thing there's plenty of sample code available to mess with.

Change is constant so it's a general rule not to get too comfortable in the current technology.

And there you have it!