Using SalesForce.com

We use the SalesForce.com website.

And at first I thought it was the Cloud.

Except it's simply an application which runs in the Cloud, not Iaas or Paas (Infrastructure / Platform as a Service).

However, it's a great product and we have a full time administrator who's always kept busy.

Which means I use the SalesForce data every day.

For Leads, Opportunity's, Contacts, Accounts, etc.

The tables join together nicely, only downside is this.

We can track an incoming lead, where  they came from, then track the person through SF database.

Until they get passed off to a reseller / distributor.

Then the sale comes back days, weeks, months later and we can't tie it to the original lead.

I wonder if other compay's run into the same issue.

Sure, we will need to modify our processes a bit to better track them, in the meantime, I was able to use Fuzzy Logic to match some of the records.

Anyway, I think SalesForce is a great product and it should help my resume a bit.