Solved It!

Well, I have to say this was a tough one.

And it turns out that I needed to download the most recent version of the software.

Because I originally downloaded the Cloudera cdh4 image, got that working.

Then downloaded Pentaho BI server and got that working.

Then downloaded Pentaho Data Integration server and was not able to connect to Hadoop.

So on today's conference call I mentioned the file I downloaded was the 4.3 and the Pentaho sales person said I should download the 4.4 because that has all the settings pre-configured.

So by doing it the hard way I essentially learned the guts of the infrastructure, similar to removing a car's engine and re-assembling it just to see how it works.

So tonight aroun 8:45 after working on this all afternoon, the thing connected to the Hadoop server.

So tomorrow I'll try and kick off a Hadoop Map Reduce job.

Success!  The hard way.