Role Branding

I work as a Business Intelligence programmer in the Microsoft space.

Except before that I was a Java / Oracle programmer.

The transition was difficult because people brand you based on your skill set.

Prior to Java, I was a Microsoft / Crystal Reports guy.

And getting out from under that label wasn't easy either.

So people summarize your skills set and you must wear that label indefinitely.

Some people are managers, and they will always be managers.

Other's are CIOs and always will be.

Likewise, some people are known for knowing the latest technology as soon as it appears, while others are known to be legacy programmers.

It's always greener on the other side, right?

Well, breaking free from your traditional role in programming, work or life is not always easy.

People line up to keep you in your 'box', because if they let you change, then you've somehow left them behind.

What type of radical changes have you done in your life, was it easy, why or why not?