Restore 50k PDF Files

About a decade ago, I started a new job.

The first week, my IT manager pulled me aside, said he's taking the new big client and starting his own business, to compete directly with this job, and he asked me to come with him.

I declined although he took the senior programmer with him.

On his last day, magically, the Raid drives went out, corrupted, permanently, nothing could restore them.

Hmmm, interesting.

The hard drives contained all 50,000 PDF versions of the insurance policies since the beginning of time.

Without those, the web was down and the they had no documents to prove customer's policies.

The owner came over to talk with me, asked if I could restore the 50k files.

I said I'd give it a shot.

3 days later, I did it, restored every document, although in order to do so, I had to tweak the VB6 app & DLL which caused every policy to go to the printer, so the printer guys gave me slack.

However, now that the files were restored, my boss said I had a job for life and a $15k raise.

Not too shabby.

Kind of funny that the hard drive crashed on the other guy's last day, coincidence?