Programming for Smart Phones

I used to have one of those clunky cell phones.

And finally I upgraded to the Blackberry.

I thought it was great at the time could get all my emails in one spot.

Then upgraded to the IPhone, fantastic.

Have had almost zero problems with the phone, can get to all 10 email accounts, good screen size, and plenty apps to choose from.

So I imagine it would be great to become an iOS developer and make mega bucks.

Well, I found out that first of all, you MUST develop on a Mac computer.

Next, you must pay $99 to become a member to get your name on the sellers list.

And then download the SDK, programming environment and conform to the strict standards which they adhere to.

And it takes some time to get your app approved and available at the Store.

Don't get me wrong, I believe standards need to be enforced as to not have an app that drains the battery or hogs the memory, but still.

Plus, the language they use is not .net, rather it's a form of C programming language, which is lower level than what I'm accustomed to.

Suffice to say, I won't be programming any apps for the IPhone, IPad, Ietc. anytime soon.

However, Windows Phone may be another alternative, you never know.