My Intro to Linux

I grew up on Dos and Basic in 1982.

So command line is no stranger to me.

I remember when Windows first appears, rather it was OS2 when my father informed me on a new 'window' like feature to have multiple windows open within a single screen.

So working on the Windows platform for the majority of my career, with the exception of 1999-2001 we developed on Windows and deployed to Unix (Actuate Server).

So this past week I got thrown into the Linux side of the world.

And the command line is your friend.

Except it took me forever to search Google for basic command line functions.

After a few days, I was humming through the directory structure setting permission on files, copying folders, installing licenses and such.

And my cube mate brought in his Linux in a Nutshell book for me to reference - he probably got tired of me asking questions.

So after a weeks time I enjoy the world of Linux and all it has to offer.

Just imagine, learning a technology 20+ years ago and still being able to use your knowledge without much change.

Seems like an anomaly in the ever changing world of technology.

And so it goes!