My Intro to Cloudera Hive (day 3)

Today I installed the Hive component of the Cloudera Hadoop ecosystem.

Hive Documentation:


Hive Installation:


Install the necessary files to the directory: /usr/lib/hive/lib

Add:  /usr/lib/hive/lib/* to the HADOOP_CLASSPATH so it can reference the necessary JAR files to run HIVE...
Running Hive:
$ hive

Run the script:

and it gives the results:

And now you can download sample data files from this URL:


My first impression is that HIVE is a pseudo SQL like language.

You 'create' the table, load the data, do 'selects' against the data and then 'drop' the table.

It still has a 'structured' feel to it.

So much to learn.

Having fun!

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