Make Programming Fun and Easy

There's no doubt, programming languages are cropping up faster than weeds in a green lawn.

And everyone has to go through the same motions of re-learning something new.

And by that they can buy a book, take a class, read blog articles or white papers.

So we are provided objects and classes and methods which inherit and everything else that goes with learning new languages.

And those low lever objects are the building blocks for more advanced custom objects and methods and classes and applications.

So why don't software company's provide bundles of higher level objects, sort of like sample code.

Code that will be used by the majority of programmers.

Higher level code that makes it easy so anyone can do it.

For example, the language Javascript has been around for over a decade.

And someone saw that its too low level and created a layer on top, called AJAX and / or jQuery.

So why don't they provide us both options up front, the low level language plus
the higher level version which allows non technical people to create apps

And this higher level version of the language will have pre-build functionality.

Kind of like all the hoopla surrounding the low level Map Reduce.

The intricacies are very low level, that's why all these other technology's have cropped up, to reduce the complexity and make the functionality available to the common Joe.

I like that approach, however, I say take it a step farther and build a layer on top of c# or Java or whatever language.

And provide that extra layer as part of the language, or better yet, open up that to 3rd party vendors.

That way the low level programmers can customize till their hearts content and the non-technical person can work with programming also.

That would entice people to work with programming such as accountants, finance, marketing, etc.

I think that's why Power Pivot became so popular so fast, because it removes the difficulty from the user and makes it fun and easy.

Make it like Self Service Programming for the non-techies.

And that's what I think.