Learning SalesForce.com APEX Language

So with the recent re-org, my new boss let me know to study up on SalesForce.com APEX language.

This weekend I found a training course on my online website PluralSight.com by Dan Appleman.

I watched the first two sections and plan to continue as time permits.

Just finished his new class for Software Developers, learned some good info.

First time I've seen a class dedicated to the non-programming aspect of IT programming.

People don't get it.  Programming only makes up 25-50% of a Software Developer's job.

You also have to know ticketing systems, how to talk with customers, gather specs, work with internal departments, etc.

There's a lot more to the job than just programming.

And when you see the job adds, all they want is Programming Superman / Hero / Rockstar.

They surely don't get it.  Technology changes so fast that being an expert today, you may be a beginner as the technology clock swings the other direction.

What they should be looking for is someone who can learn new technology's on a moment's notice.

And there you have it!