Learning Growth Spurts

Working in IT we learn the skills needed to do our jobs.

And then we taper off.

I learned Visual Basic, Oracle and Crystal Reports in 1995/6.

Learned Microsoft ASP in 1999.  Vantive and Actuate too.

Picked up .net early 2000s.  SQL-Server & DTS packages too.

Learned Java, web services, project management in 2006.

And soon after learned Microsoft BI (SSIS, SSRS and some SSAS).

So since 1996, I've only had a few growth spurts.

Except in the past month, I've picked up Cloud, Azure, OData, some jQuery, Linq because I installed Visual Studio 2010 and got some of the examples working which I blogged about.

And this past week, I've dabbled in Cloudera Big Data, Map Reduce, Hive, Pig and today got some Pentaho as well.

This year is rocking and rolling with new technology.

It's good to have that feeling of adventure and curiosity burning again.

I hope the trend continues!