Home Office Software Loaded

So today I installed Visual Studio 10 along with SP1.

Next up, downloaded and installed Microsoft SQL-Server 2012 Eval Edition which is basically the full blown version for a 180 day trial.

So what does that mean?

It means now have installed on my laptop SSRS, SSAS (tabular model), SSIS, SSRS Website, relational database, SSMS plus the full blown version of Visual Studio.

Next step, going to work on a new sight for Bloom Consulting constructed in .net c#.

And if that goes well, maybe I'll sign up for a Windows Azure account to try it out for 90 days and point to SQL Azure database.

Just as a fun project to get the skills back.

Would be nice to incorporate some jQuery and AJAX.

Not sure about the MVC4 and LINQ, that may be phase 2,.

It's a plan anyway.