Getting Started with Pentaho Big Data Analytics

First thing to get started with Pentaho is download their product:


I chose the Big Data Analytics option:

Set the permissions on the downloaded .bin file:

$ chmod +x ./pentaho-business-analytics-4.8.0-GA-x64.bin

Run file:

$ ./pentaho-business-analytics-4.8.0-GA-x64.bin

However, the BI server did not load, so I decided to uninstall everything.  Done.

Then re-installed, invalid or missing product keys, uh oh.  So I called Pentaho sales people, Todd, who immediately pulled me up in SalesForce.com on their side and knew all my contact info.  He sent over the 7 key files and I downloaded them.

However, next task was to upload them to the VM, which I used a product called WinSCP:

And then copy the files to the correct folder: cp -a /source/ /destination/

And then had to re-install the license keys - found this article and followed the steps...

you must be using the postgres user, then start the server...
To start the Enterprise Web Service:  ./start-pec.sh

Once installation completes, log onto the web URL: LocalHost:8089
UserName: admin
Password: #######

Pentaho Data Integration Server URL: LocalHost:9080

Creating something new: 

So far so good.  Except now I have to figure out the Big Data features and how it can generate Java Jar files using just visual interface point and click (I hope!).