Find the Root Cause

In today's society, when confronted with an issue we try to solve the problem in the wrong way.

We treat the symptoms and not the actual problem.

For example, if a faucet is running, instead of find the root cause, which would be to turn the valve to shut it, instead we treat the symptoms, excessive water.

That's one of the biggest problems I see today.

And many so called experts are treating the symptoms instead of the problem.

And earning lots of money in doing so.

But I'd go a step further and say that no only do they attempt to solve the symptoms instead of the problem, they in fact make the situation worse off than if they did nothing.

You can apply this rationale to programming, IT, to the medical industry, veterinarian and dental, plumbers, you name it.

Treat the symptoms, not the problem, charge ridiculous prices and make the problem worse in the end.

Solution, find the root cause and don't take the lazy way out.