Debugging Version Upgrade

I once supported an application called Vantive.

Never heard of it, me neither, until I was sent to Washington DC for training.

They teach you the basics, nothing technical that you can use on the job.

And then it came time to upgrade the system.

The Oracle DBA migrated everything according to the scripts.

However, the program would not run, it had a bug.

He tried everything to fix it, nothing worked.

So my boss asked me to investigate.

Because to bring in a consultant would cost $300 an hour minimum 8 hours plus pay for their airfare and hotel and expenses.

So their was a need to solve this in house.

So after I began my investigation, nothing popped out.

Except for one thing.

We had some custom tables in Oracle and they may be the culprit.

So I asked the DBA to modify the table in test change one particular field from CHAR to VARCHAR.

I went back to my desk and test it, sure enough that solved the problem.

My boss was pleased and so was the DBA as well as the user manager as we could now press forward with the upgrade.

Vantive got bought out by PeopleSoft eventually and I haven't seen the app since the year 2000, thankfully.

And so it goes!