Dabbling in C#

Today I wrote some c# code - an ASPX project.

I inherited the half baked app and was asked to complete it.

It's basically a 1 page ASPX app with 4 or 5 classes.

It's got about 5 stored procedures.

I added a new page and a new Sproc today.

It reads in the SalesForce Regions and Territory's and looks to see if any are missing from the Quota table.

If so, it creates a list on the web page.

Next step will be to write some code for user to click and enter generate 24 entries into the database.

User can go back to first page to assign quota's to regions / territory's one per month / year for both New and Renewal business.

The problem now is that SalesForce must be synched with the table, if not, report is wrong and I get tickets from the Europe Sales people.

I've been massaging this report for 8 months now.  It used to run in 7 hours, got it down to 16 minutes, then to 4.  It now runs in less than minute.  By using temp tables and table variables and indexes on temp tables.

So we are getting closer to having an accurate report.

This has been a tough exerciser because there's so many points of failure:

incorrect data entry, timing, SalesForce and Quota table not matching (spelling counts), new Regions / Territory's, changing personnel.

This report could cause me to drink.

Because every week i can be sure to get a ticket saying the report is incorrect.

And every week I send an email saying the report logic hasn't changed in over a year, it's the data causing the issue.

And today I found out the last report guy quit because of this exact report.