Cloud-Sourcing is the Future

With all the talk lately about the Cloud finally taking root, I think the next big thing will be 'Cloud-Source'.

What that is, is using the cloud to leverage resources, assets, time and money, by moving work to the cloud.

Because by outsourcing your infrastructure, you pay as you go, based on usage.

And you free your need to buy servers, maintain servers, patch servers, disaster recover servers, backup servers.

And you can now hire developers from anywhere who do work anytime per the project or long term.

So you can outsource to different states, countries, you name it.

And you can host your database in the cloud, aside from legal issues in other countries and the possible chance that your vendor goes out of business, you are safe and secure with data in the cloud.

You can have your Business Intelligence in the cloud as well, generating reports up in the sky, against databases there as well.

You can have your big data initiatives in the cloud.  And hire people with the skills to work on it, they can be located anywhere on the planet.

And of course the webs can be hosted there too.  Not only that, with virtual machines, you can basically run any on just about any platform with any language and any web server.

And it's all elastic, meaning you can start off small and grow as big as you want.  You can rent a server for an hour or 30 servers for an hour.

You only get charged for what you use.

Lastly, I believe there's a market for middlemen, who know how to best navigate in the cloud.  And they can sell their services to small to mid size company's, even large ones down the road, where these service providers migrate apps to the web, can explain pricing models and estimates, and have their teams of programmers take care of the leg work up in the cloud.

That's the way I see it.  It's basically come down to this.

There are really no more barriers to moving to the cloud so what are you waiting for?

Put your infrastructure in the cloud, and forgetta about it.

Make it so!