Black Box Troubleshooting

I was working with a new office in Salt Lake City.

My job was to get them up and running on the software.

And I worked with their admin, gave them the test TNSNames.ora file as we were working in Oracle.

And the day came to go live, I sent the production TNSNames settings.

The admin called my boss immediately, said users were complaining, runtime was too slow.

We had a conference call, was my code causing it?

I didn't think so as it ran fine in Tampa.

I went back to my desk and thought about it.

Then went back to my boss, said I think they're pointing to the test database.

We call the admin, he said no way,that wasn't the problem.

After we hung up, my boss said to me,"Go shut the test / dev server".

So a few minutes later I shut the oracle database.

And two minutes later, the admin called asking what happened to his database.

Problem solved, he was pointing to test.

That's called troubleshooting in a black box!