What Advice Were You Given?

What career advice were you given by your parents growing up?

My father worked for IBM.

Every day he went to work in a suit and tie with white shirt.

He told me his job was to sharpen pencils.

That's the truth.

Because he always had several number two pencils in his shirt pocket.

And I never did know as a child what he did for a career.

It wasn't until decades later, after I was in the IT career path, that he gave me good advice.

He said "learn the business, how things integrate, get to know the decision makers, and solve their biggest problems."

And that's worked out great for me, although I instinctively knew that already.

You see, I avoided the career of IT on purpose while in college.

Except working in the workforce for a few years, I was naturally drawn to IT, specifically data and reporting.

And I realized that it was a natural fit.

Did the Anthropology degree help me to become successful, it got me a 4 year degree from a major university, that's about it.

I have been self taught in the world of programming for the most part, with a few courses: Fortran; c++.

However, I'd like to thank my father for letting me learn the IBM PC in 1982 in PC DOS, BASIC(a) and for the genes of thinking in code.