Stuck in the Mud

I learned the Structured Query Language in 1995.

And although the language has changed over time, the basic foundation hasn't changed much.

So in a sense, I have not had to re-learn a new language over time.

Which means I've been stuck in the mud, theoretically.

I've been coasting along riding the wave of a single language for 18+ years.

Granted, I used to program in languages such as Visual Basic, ASP, .net, Java, however the number of times I've had to learn a new language has been scarce.

And I've paid the price, for technology did not stand still.

The world of programming has splintered and grown in every direction.

And that is why I'm thankful for finding an online training website, www.PluralSight.com, to help get back up to speed.

As of today, I've watched close to 25 courses, in just over a weeks time.

And that's only scratching the surface of topics to learn.

The courses are great because they have an instructor, who speaks slow and clear, who types examples as they go, and you can go back and re-watch specific portions of code which you missed the first time.

I did not subscribe to the source code option however, which is okay for me, because I'm trying to get surface level knowledge of a variety of topics and not so much 'deep dives'.

So I'm furiously trying to catch up to the current technologies as things have changed over the years.

And if you think about it, things are in constant motion so the concept of learning never ends.

And so it goes!