Oh yeah, We'll Need Some Reports

Back when I started in IT, reporting was about the lowliest occupations one could encounter.

People spent millions of dollars on new enterprise applications.

And then one day someone asks the high priced project manager, "What about reports?"

"Oh yeah, we'll need some reports."

"Let's get the Reporting guy in here to dump some requests at the last minute.  No we're not going to include them in the database design, which would make their life easier.  Let them figure it out."

That's the view from my perspective.

Now all the whoopla is Business Intelligence, Data Scientist, Reporting is now the hottest occupation in the world.


Except I've been doing this for about 15 years and way back when we were just lowly report writers.

I knew it way back when, the top managers would contact me to get some report so they could manage their business.  I saw the writing on the wall.  Data was the gold.  Not building some application.

The report writers time has arrived.

We are no longer an afterthought of some high priced project.

We drive the business now.

And so it goes!