New Age of Training

When I first entered the profession of IT in 1995, my training was rather haphazard.

We had a consultant in town from St. Louis from our recent acquisition.

He and I sat in a room together for almost the entire day and I picked his brain for everything he knew about Crystal Reports.

Reason being, there were no books or training available anywhere.

I happen to go to Atlanta, Ga one weekend and found a Crystal Reports for Dummies book which my boss reimbursed.

However, that's all I needed to get started in Reporting.

Over the next 15+ years, I found it difficult to learn new software.

Reading the books didn't quite do it for me.

Especially when trying to learn SSAS Cubes back in 2001, I was completely lost.

My friend Joaquin was good at learning new technology like Microsoft ASP, and he would stop over my house and in a few hours I picked up enough information to be proficient.

And I've purchase books over the years and scanned the internet for specific questions.

And lately there's been some video's on You Tube.

Well, a co-worker of mine suggested an online training site called PluralSite about 5 months ago.

And I noted it but had no intention of spending money to get training.

Until recently, from a Twitter feed, Stacia Misner had a twitter post referring to PluralSite.com so I did some investigation.

Turns out I purchased a years membership for $300, less than $1 per day, which I can include in my tax write off for my business Bloom Consulting.

After completing the questionnaire and username / password, and paying by credit card, every course became available immediately.

So I watched the first video on PowerPivot for Sharepoint Administration and learned about 5 to 10 new things, which I emailed the SharePoint admin to inform of new discoveries.

And then I watched the next PowerPivot for Excel 2010 video, on my IPhone no less, connected through my home router as to not waste cell phone data package.

So I'm really impressed with the training video's and plan to watch at least one per week going forward.

There's a ton of valuable topics to choose from as I specialize in Business Intelligence but want to stay current on topics like ASP.net, c#, Big Data, NoSQL, SharePoint, programming for Cell Phones, etc.

There's no shortage of topics to choose from.

This should really help me stay current and learn some cutting edge languages.

And as we all know, being a computer programmer, our skill-set can add value to our career and keep us ahead of the curve.

Glad I finally found a good training site.

You should check it out!