Cloud is the Future of IT

In reviewing some of the latest Cloud solutions from Microsoft Azure and AWS I'm amazed at the opportunity.

It seems the Cloud is open for business.

In the fact that you can create web sites in a matter of minutes.

Same with Databases.  And Mobile solutions.  And Business Intelligence.  And VPNs.  And Networks.  And Pipes between the Cloud and On-Premise.

Just amazing.

And all of this is available via a web management console.

What does this mean for us?

Developers now have new opportunities for development, deployments, getting a site up and running fast.

What does this mean for system administrators?

I see potential to ease the workload from on-premise work to Cloud work.

What does this mean for Cost Savings?

I'm not 100% sure of the pricing models, but think of it this way.  Renting vs Buying. 

How would you like to provision a new server within minutes without having to purchase a new server, memory, apply software and patches, setting up permissions and users.  Now all this can be done in the Cloud.

And for Entrepreneurs?  Imagine setting up a website and database and as your company grows, you can increase the number of web servers or database size based on demand, and then scale back if necessary.  Let's say you run a 3 day sale, bump up the specs for 3 days then scale back, a built in elasticity if you will.

Personally, I see this as a niche business for someone like me to be the go-between for small to mid size company's to get up and running quickly where I would provide the skills, time and knowledge which the company's don't have.

Kind of a service oriented approach where end users would come to my company Bloom Consulting and I would set up their accounts and provision servers, databases, VPNs, and even develop some of the sites for them.

Not a bad business model if you ask me.

And then once up and running, business can hire remote workers to connect to the Cloud and work remote.  They can save on office space as well as hire contractors for specific projects on an as needed basis.

I am convinced that the Cloud is the future of IT.