Always Be Learning

I started out doing reports in Crystal.

At the same time, I learned Oracle and PL/SQL.

At the same time I learned Visual Basic 4,5&6.

So at the base of my IT career, there was a mixture of Programming or getting the data into the database, and Reporting or getting data out of the database.

And that has been the trend for the duration of my time in IT.

Except in 2006 I went to the other side, from Microsoft to Java.

And in doing so, I shot myself in the foot.

As my .net skills were becoming obsolete as my Java skills were learning 1999 technology of J2EE with the exception of doing Web Services in Java.

Then I became Supervisor or Team Lead so I was only writing T-SQL and SSRS with some SSIS, and no actual programming in .net or Java.

And that did not help my coding career, as my current job is to program and write reports.

So that's why I've been learning so much lately, to get back in the game, to get my coding skills sharpened, as to become marketable again in the full life cycle of programming.

Because we are all free agents or Independent Contractors here, even if we are employed full time.

Because they can give us the boot at any time as we all know.

So I'd like to get my c# skills up to speed, throw in some jQuery, OData and JSON and a little bit of AJAX.

Also, with HTML5 gaining traction, my JavaScript skills need a tune up as I'm predicting that will overtake c# in the days to come.

Add some Big Data experience to get some variety and I should be good to go.

Always be learning.